Women’s weight training – 3 tips on getting started…

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Women's weight training is, thankfully, on the rise with more and more women waking up to the fact that to achieve the toned look they want, they need to start training more like men. Jane Fonda style workouts of high reps of light weights or endless hours on the treadmill will make you sweaty

Ab-rollouts exercise for core strength and stability

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When performed correctly, Ab-rollouts are one of the best exercises for building core stability. Unfortunately, the movement is often performed incorrectly with people setting up in a box position with hips directly above the knees, rolling out and then pulling back into the box shape. If you're doing it like this then essentially you're transferring

Strength and conditioning for marathon runners

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The 2017 London Marathon ballot was recently announced and The Fitting Rooms would like to send congratulations (and good luck) to everyone that received one of the coveted places. From here you have six months to prepare so whether you have been waiting for this opportunity for years and are raring to go or

Bigger biceps made simple by The Fitting Rooms personal trainer David

Here's The Fitting Rooms personal trainer David with his top tips on how to develop bigger biceps. Form and muscle engagement are key: it's not about how heavy you lift; it's about how hard the muscle works! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKCh7TCfLOw&app=desktop CLICK HERE TO BOOK IN FOR A FREE TASTER SESSION AT THE FITTING ROOMS PERSONAL TRAINING GYM

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