Are you overtraining?

Is overtraining hampering your results and negatively affecting your health and happiness? All too often we see people start to take their training regime to an extreme level: prioritising their gym time over their social lives and beating themselves up for missing workouts. What they don't realise is that all that extra time in the

Glute training… How – and why – to build the ultimate booty!

Whether for aesthetics or sporting performance, glute training should be at the forefront of everyone’s training program. Obviously we practise what we preach and here at The Fitting Rooms you’ll see an array of strong glutes, on clients and trainers alike! It goes without saying that a strong set of glutes are desirable from an

Our top 10 tips to help you look your best this summer

Below are some simple diet, training and lifestyle habits to adopt to ensure you feel your best and step onto that beach with confidence. 1. Give yourself a realistic time frame! And in general, 4 weeks is not enough! 8-12 weeks would be a realistic time frame if you already work out and have a

The Fitting Rooms do Tough Mudder!

At The Fitting Rooms we do most of our training on the weights, but every now and then we decide it's a good idea to run 11 miles across obstacles in the torrential rain, thunder and lightening! Tough Mudder London West was probably the wettest and muddiest we've seen! Great work from everyone yesterday, bring

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