For many weight-trainers, understanding which rep range to work with is a source of confusion. Hopefully our chart above helps to clear this up.

In addition, here are a few other things to consider:

– Time under tension (TUT) is key, meaning the tempo of each rep is also critical! Tempo is noted in the format 3-0-1-0 (3 seconds on the way down, no pause at the bottom, 1 second back up, no pause at the top). Changing the tempo can change the system you are working in: 8 reps at a tempo of 3-0-1-0 = 32 seconds of TUT and would be classed as functional hypertrophy; 8 reps at a tempo of 1-0-1-0 = 16 seconds of TUT and would be classed as strength.

– As a beginner always start off in the higher rep ranges and work up your intensity to strength over a number of months, if this is your goal.

– It is important to periodise your training over time to work in a variety of rep ranges. Just because fat loss is your goal, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dabble in some strength training during the year.

There are countless different training methods that are very effective for specific goals, however these are the basic fundamentals which are applicable to the majority of individuals.