Easter treats versus staying on track

Easter treats vs. staying on track With the smell of hot cross buns in the air and the Easter break tantalisingly close, there comes the decision of whether to stay on track with training and nutrition or make a beeline straight for the chocolate eggs and buttery Easter treats. Our recommendation… try to strike

How to reduce DOMS

How to reduce DOMS…First things first, what is DOMS?DOMS stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It refers to the muscle pain and stiffness that typically develops a day or two after engaging in exercise, particularly when it’s new or intense. It’s the body’s natural inflammatory response to repair the muscles.How can I reduce the

Benefits of a structured training routine and how to build one…

What are the benefits of a structured training routine, and how do we build one... At The Fitting Rooms, we believe that it is routine and habit that lead to long-term fitness results, and not motivation alone. Creating and following a structured training routine, alongside a plan for eating healthier will slowly change

What does it mean to be “Skinny Fat”?

What does being “Skinny Fat” mean? “Skinny Fat” is a term coined to describe people that are classed as “Normal weight obese”. It occurs when people are of a normal weight for their height, age and gender, and so therefore have a healthy BMI; yet have a high body fat percentage which puts them

What is gut microbiome and how do we improve gut health?

What is gut microbiome and what is it's impact on gut health? When we're talking about our gut health, we're referencing the health of the whole of our digestive system; from our oesophagus down down to our bowel. In our gut there is a community of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, known

Circadian Rhythms – What are they and how can they affect training?

Circadian Rhythms - What are they and how can they affect training? Circadian Rhythms are the natural cycle of changes that our body go through in a day, physically, mentally and behaviourally; generally, as a response to the light and darkness we encounter over 24 hours. One of the most obvious examples of a

What are the benefits of weight lifting for women?

What are the benefits of weight lifting for women? It goes without saying that all forms of exercise are beneficial, but it is now known that resistance training comes with the most benefits for women at all stages of life, whether you’re simply looking to get in shape and stay fit and healthy,

Understanding Macronutrients and Micronutrients

Understanding Macronutrients and Micronutrients The nutrients that our bodies need to function on a daily basis can be broken down into macronutrients and micronutrients. Here we discuss the difference between the two types of nutrients, how they are used by the body and how we can include them all in our diet. Macronutrients: Carbohydrates,

Are there Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Weight Loss?

Are there Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Weight Loss? When it comes to losing weight, it is natural to hope that there are some quick and easy ways to help your progress. Many massage therapists claim that massage therapy can help you with your weight loss goals, so is there any truth to the

What are Collagen Supplements and are they worth taking?

Collagen is a protein produced by the body that plays an essential role in protecting our joints and bones and providing structural support to tissue in the body. It’s known for its aesthetic benefits to our skin and hair, providing the elasticity associated with their health. Your body will naturally produce collagen, but you