We are incredibly proud of the results we consistently achieve with our incredible clients at our gym in London Bridge and we are so thankful to be a part of each of their fitness journeys. We believe we have created a unique environment where everyone from gym-newbies to seasoned weight lifters can train in a fun, friendly and inspiring environment to transform their physical and mental health.

But don’t just take our word for it! Hear what our clients have to say…

Each week I learn something new…

I’ve been training with TFR for over 2 years and continue to really enjoy it. I’ve gone from a complete weight-training novice, to feeling comfortable and confident in the gym. Each week I learn something new about myself, nutrition, or weight training; and I’ve seen consistent results and progress in my goal of building lean muscle. What separates TFR to other gyms is how committed they are to delivering customer service, creating an open environment to allow people with different levels of experience and different goals, to train together.

Alex Maidwell

Training helped ease (and prevent) the aches & pains of pregnancy..

I’m really happy with my One-on-one training at The Fitting Rooms – it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach and after my first few months I saw real changes in my body. The emphasis is on strength building with correct form, so I’ve learnt loads and wasn’t left broken after a session. During pregnancy the trainers adapted my program to prepare my body and keep me strong and I continued training until late into my pregnancy. Training helped ease (and prevent) the aches and pains that come and go throughout pregnancy and I honestly believe it helped my body recover much faster after birth – and prepared me for holding and carrying a baby! Some of my sessions were modified ad hoc to avoid exacerbating a bout of pelvic girdle pain, and the intensity was adapted to my fluctuating energy levels so I wasn’t left feeling exhausted. After a session I felt buzzed and I didn’t have to worry about pushing it too far (or not far enough!) as they’re specially trained in prenatal exercise and are watching out for you. I highly recommend it!

Product Owner - Data & Analytics

There’s a genuine warmth woven into the fabric of this gym…

What makes The Fitting Rooms great and draws me back time after time is quite simply the dedicated staff and welcoming environment. I was always quite apprehensive about joining a gym and felt a little intimidated about gym culture. However, The Fitting Rooms is unlike anything I’ve previously experienced. There’s a genuine warmth woven into the fabric of this gym, which helps to create a positive and friendly community. Since I’ve started training at The Fitting Rooms, I’ve felt an increased level of confidence and focus in my life. I always look forward to the next session, knowing it will be challenging and fun.

Andrew Kane
TV Graphics Producer

I genuinely look forward to exercising and working with the trainers….

After not making much progress in commercial gyms, my wife suggested I join TFR. My outlook on going to the gym has now completely changed. I genuinely look forward to exercising and working with the trainers. The programmes are challenging, varied, and you receive fantastic and personalised feedback on form. Training has now become a part of my routine and I’m grateful that TFR is helping me to keep fit in a sustainable way.


Fun, focused and professional…

Having not done any regular exercise for far too long I joined the Shared PT sessions at The Fitting Rooms at the start of 2016. I have both thoroughly enjoyed my sessions at the gym and seen a marked improvement in my overall fitness and general health. Their sessions, which vary and evolve over time, are challenging but realistic, the HIIT circuits are not for the faint hearted but the post workout endorphin rush is worth the effort! The team, led by Dave, Steve and Yas, are all knowledgable and tough trainers who also are friendly, approachable and always willing to offer advice and help. I cannot recommend them highly enough if you are looking for a fun, focused and professional team to help you keep to your programme and push you to improved fitness levels.

Jack Thoms

Pushes me beyond what I capable of doing alone…

I started training with Dave in 2011. As I put on a middle age spread I was keen to get back into shape. Working with a personal trainer once a week helps keep my training in focus and now forms an integral part of my overall exercise regime. He structures my programme to suit my individual goals and targets and encourages and pushes me beyond what I capable of doing alone. I am fitter, stronger and have a better physique than ever before in my life. Dave was invaluable in taking me through rehabilitation and strengthening work after a knee operation and I am now participating in distance running and cycling events and have completed a triathlon: something I never thought I would do! My son, Ben, has also recently started joining my personal training sessions. Sharing sessions has introduced more fun, enthusiasm and a little competitive edge to the work out to ensure we continually raise the bar, outside of being good father-son time! I find the pace of the session is even better regulated when the focus is not entirely on me, and watching Dave tutor Ben helps to improve my own technique. Just as importantly though, training is more enjoyable with lots of banter. Dave is very personable and makes training interesting and enjoyable, I cannot recommend him, or The Fitting Rooms, highly enough.

Michael White
Property Investment Director

I love the cozy and warm feeling at this gym…

I was trying out at this gym when I visited London two weeks ago. The location is very convenient. Being a General Manager of a global service management company, I could feel everyone was so naturally nice and friendly to welcome you when I stepped in. I have been Equinox for years, but I love the cozy and warm feeling at this gym. You can really focus on your training without distracting from anything else. The personal trainer, Mike, really helped me to engage in the program particularly designed for me during the three sessions. I had a such solid training and wonderful experience at this gym. I highly recommend it and definitely go back again when I travel to London.

Jay Hwang
General Manager

I more than doubled my strength in the big lifts…

I became one of Steve’s clients in March 2013 and have been training with him three times a week ever since. I previously rowed for Cambridge in the lightweight boat so I have always been able to push myself and had very good aerobic endurance. However, I was looking to increase my strength and build a little muscle but was lost when it came to free weights, which is why I decided to train with a personal trainer. Within the first six months of working with Steve I put on just shy of 10kg whilst keeping my body fat to around 11.5 %. I also more than doubled my strength in the big lifts such as the squat, deadlift and bench-press. Steve always works with me to constantly tweak and vary my training and this ensures that I continue to progress and stay motivated.

James Wright

I have been able to lift heavier week on week…

I have been training with Yas since June 2014, during which time I have seen my strength and fitness massively increase. Yas has a wealth of knowledge and a real passion and love for fitness and strength training. She approaches our sessions with such consistency and attention to detail. Under her expert eye, I have been able to lift heavier week on week, which is really rewarding, whilst still maintaining a strict program and improving my form. I have learnt so much over the past year; my confidence on the gym floor is such that I don’t think twice about setting up a squat rack or knocking out a few deadlifts. In a world where the weights room is a bit of a ‘man’s world’, Yas is a breath of fresh air and a total gem. I highly recommend her and The Fitting Rooms gym without reservation.

Laura Comerford

Working out has become enjoyable…

Put simply, I’m that person who loathed any form of physical exercise — its just not in my DNA to move my body in a way that will create sweat (okay, there is one way, but my mum might be reading this…). I was the least sporty boy at school, the one who always sat on the sidelines. I was useless at rugby and football, not the best swimmer and forget about any kind of gymnastic ability — a forward roll was about my limit. So with all that said, I shall now be that annoying person who tells you how great the gym is, and that’s all down to The Fitting Rooms. When I first met my Yas, I was terrified. I braced myself for her to bark orders at me and make me run until I threw up and laugh when I struggled to lift a bag of sugar. But, she didn’t. She was funny and jovial and knew just how to motivate me and tailored my workouts to suit me. Training with Yas has changed my perspective. Working out has become enjoyable rather than something I feared. Not only does she make me laugh, but she encourages me in a positive way and gently pushes me to do better than I originally thought I could manage. To turn a lifelong couch potato into a gym goer is no small feat. Yas is terrific and I wholly recommended her and her team at The Fitting Rooms. My new trim body thanks her whole heartedly too!

Tom Carter
Deputy Head Teacher

The money is the best I have ever spent

I joined the fitting rooms in advance of my wedding, and cannot fault the service, effectiveness or fun of the guys there. I was a pretty typical guy working in London, too much drinking and fast food, not enough exercise, had tried gyms before, always on my own and with little effect. Steve and the team were brilliant and put in place a tailored training regime and diet for me, supported me with encouragement and advice and made sure the sessions were challenging but always within my ability. The money is the best I have ever spent and allowed me to shed 20KG in 4 months. As long as you’re willing to put in the work, they are definitely the guys to go to. I would 100% recommend anyone considering signing up.

Elliot Golds

It’s the first gym where I’ve looked forward to going

I love this place and its staff. The training is all built around what you want to achieve and boy I’m seeing results for sure! The staff are just amazing; you feel cared for and they always accommodate your needs . They have the personal touch and make you feel at home. It’s the first gym where I’ve looked forward to going weekly and nothing will keep me away from this little hidden treasure in the heart of London. If you want results this is the place but beware, they push you to your limits and beyond!”

Johnny McElhinney

I already feel so much stronger running…

I was pretty nervous when I first walked through the door at the Fitting Rooms in February. I shouldn’t have been, the Fitting Rooms is a really welcoming place and Yas was lovely. I’m targeting three hilly ultra marathons this year and wanted to start doing some strength training. Yas has been working with me ever since, making sure I build strength where I need it and encouraging me to work hard. I’ve made far more progress than it ever would have done on my own or in a class (which are the other options I was looking into). I already feel so much stronger running on the hills and I wish I’d found the Fitting Rooms earlier!

Rebecca Palser

Positive impact on my quality of life…

I had major spine surgery some years back and have to be mindful of continuing disc degeneration. This means that what I do when exercising is really important. The expertise and equipment available at the Fitting Rooms has meant that I have achieved a level of strength and flexibility I would not have imagined possible. This has had a substantial positive impact on my quality of life as well as being fun with all the added benefits of shaping up, better sleep quality and greater energy levels.

Lisa Vlahovic
HR Director

The best thing I have ever done

I started working with Yas in January 2014 and it is genuinely the best thing I have ever done. Prior to this I had never really done much in the gym and always felt a bit stupid because I didn’t know what I was doing, but now I genuinely enjoy exercise and look forward to it. I absolutely love our sessions together – she pushes me further than I ever would myself and I have seen truly amazing results. I was a rather wobbly size 12/14 and now I’m a toned size 10 and I’ve never been happier – not just because of my body, but my mind and soul too! Yas has taught me what to do when I am on my own so that I am using the time most efficiently to get the best results (I try and train another 2-3 times a week outside our personal training sessions). She also helps me with nutrition planning and nutrition advice, so I’m not just fitter and stronger but I’m healthier too. Having Yas as my personal trainer has transformed my life… I know that sounds ridiculously over the top but it’s completely true. I’m happier, healthier and more beautiful both inside and out than ever before!”

Amy Whittington
Corporate Finance

Helped me improve my technique, posture and lifting weight significantly…

I’ve been weight training with Yas for just over a year and she’s helped me improve my technique, posture and lifting weight significantly over the time. She structures my sessions so that there’s a decent progression each time, without pushing too hard or too fast, and builds in variety by changing around the programme every few sessions. I don’t know how many other clients Yas has, but she always remembers what we were chatting about in the last session. It’s a small thing, but it’s a personal touch I appreciate about her training

Jock Busutill
Head of Product

The trainers are all at the top of their game

The Fittings Rooms is an EXCELLENT place to train. I have trained at a number of personal training studios over the years and this is my favourite. The trainers are all at the top of their game and the combination of strength and HIIT training is an offering lots of places don’t have. My results have been fantastic since I joined and, just as importantly,
I’m enjoying training more than ever.

Pete Ogden

I have achieved things that I never expected to…

I started training with Dave in 2014 and really recommend using him. I was looking to enhance my all round fitness and he has helped me to do that and build strength. I have achieved things that I never expected to and I am in better shape than ever. Plus with better diet and eating I no longer get energy lows in the afternoon. Training with Dave has made positive difference.

Andrew Nye
Executive Director

I always leave each session with a huge smile

I joined The Fitting Rooms back in October 2021, and have never looked back since. The Shared PT programmes are truly exhilarating. I always leave my sessions energised and wanting more. The monthly programmes are expertly curated by the trainers themselves, which means that they can then tailor the programme to my goals and progress. Speaking of progress, I have not felt this good and this strong in a really long time. As one of the unexpected outcomes from joining The Fitting Rooms, I always leave each session with a huge smile on my face, and that is down to the staff incredibly upbeat, always positive attitude. I’d gladly recommend joining The Fitting Rooms to anyone that’s looking for a great fitness and/or conditioning programme delivered by a great, fun team.

What you get here is real weight training from experienced trainers…

Highly recommend this gym for weight training in a friendly, positive atmosphere. I’ve worked out here for over a year and I can’t say enough good things about this gym or its staff. The gym itself is in the basement and is well equipped with dumbbells, kettlebells, squat racks and a selection of machines for additional exercises (leg press, cables, …). The important thing to know is that this is NOT a gym full of macho idiot trainers yelling at the customers. What you get here is real weight training from experienced trainers with no nonsense. You will make progress but it won’t be the kind of “MAD GAINZ IN 8 WEEKS” nonsense sold by magazines. The times I’ve been in there I’ve seen a mixture of clients (both men and women) of a wide range of ages working with trainers. Definitely a place that’s good for experienced weight lifters as well as total novices. Very friendly towards women because of the lack of macho nonsense; and many older lifters as well. Definitely the best gym/personal training experience I’ve ever had!

John GC

The sessions are enjoyable and motivating…

I started my training with The Fitting Rooms back in October 2021, doing 3 days One-on-one PT sessions a week. The changes were amazing from the beginning, and in my 5th month of a tailored training, I can see the improvements in muscle definition, health and strength that I was looking for. The amazing team of trainers share their experience and improve the sessions week by week and push me to deliver better results. The atmosphere is funny and light, so that the sessions are enjoyable and motivating. I completely recommend The Fitting Rooms for anyone that is looking for good results, a nice place to be, an amazing team of trainers and flexibility to adapt your agenda.


The gym is equipped to the highest standard…

I’ve been training with Yas since 2014 and have loved every minute! Before starting personal training, my fitness had plateaued and I was feeling demotivated with my gym visits; I was focused mainly on cardio based exercise and had limited experience in training with weights. My training has now been completely reinvigorated and I look forward to every gym visit, especially when I have my one-on-one sessions. Yas’s passion and knowledge is clearly demonstrated and I have seen my fitness and strength improve dramatically which has been extremely motivating. Training at The Fitting Rooms Personal Training Gym only serves to enhance my sessions as I’m confident you could not get a more friendly, inclusive and welcoming training environment than that at The Fitting Rooms. The gym is also equipped to the highest standard, being of a far superior quality to any other gym I have trained at. I have loved training with Yas at The Fitting Rooms and I look forward to continuing to do so in the future!

Vicky Chappell
Audit Manager

The physical and mental benefits are noticeable…

I’ve been training at The Fitting Rooms for almost a year. I enjoy it immensely and the Shared Personal Training sessions are a really social way to workout. Seeing the same friendly group of encouraging faces each week is as much of a motivator as the knowledgable un-intimidating Trainers. As lockdown has eased I’ve been mixing outdoor 1-1 PT with the shared sessions and couldn’t be happier with the results. The physical and mental benefits are noticeable.

Linda Rose

The best thing I’ve done for my fitness

I started training at The Fitting Rooms in October 2018 and without a doubt its the best thing I’ve done for my fitness, strength and general wellbeing. I hadn’t done this kind of weight training before but any fears I had were soon dispelled by the friendly and down-to-earth trainers… The one-to-one attention and family atmosphere makes TFR unlike any gym I’ve been to before. I couldn’t recommend the gym and the team more highly!

Reeta Gill

Guided me through rehabilitation exercises…

Dave has been training me twice a week for 5 years. I am so pleased with the results, my muscle definition & strength has improved tremendously. Dave’s great strength is that he seems to know my body’ capabilities & idiosyncrasies better than I do so I trust him completely with whatever exercise he asks me to do. He has guided me through rehabilitation exercises after I had my anterior cruciate ligament replaced in Oct 2013. Dave has in depth knowledge of sports training anatomy etc. and so explains clearly to me the aims & benefits of each exercise or regime of exercises. I have learnt with Dave that you are never to old to set & achieve new levels of physical fitness & strength.”

Paul Williams
Social Worker

The PTs are friendly and highly knowledgeable…

I have been to a few gyms and I really recommend this place for its friendly atmosphere, facilities and its knowledgeable staff. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. You sign up for shared personal training sessions with three other people (sometimes less) and you are each shown by the trainer how to do a particular exercise. You get to know the other members and everyone actually says hello to each other, which came as a shock to me at first! A different feeling from other chain gyms. As it’s shared PT, you will always be able to access the facilities without having to queue up. They have everything to match whatever fitness goal you have from losing weight to building muscle. Above all else, the PTs are friendly and highly knowledgeable. I have been to the gym on and off in the past but I have received great tips for doing big movements like deadlifts safely. You feel like you are in safe hands and the PTs are very focused on technique and posture. The shared training sessions make it a more affordable way to tap into their knowledge and boosts your confidence when you are doing these exercises.

Raymond Li

Shared training is the way of the future!

I’ve had more noticeable and rewarding results in my first 10-weeks at The Fitting Rooms than after a decade of ‘being a member of the gym’. The team are friendly, professional, engaged, and take your training and progression seriously. The workouts are challenging, but achievable, and having an active, passionate trainer keeps you engaged, accountable and progressing. Shared training is the way of the future!

Richard Gush
Qualitative Research Practioner

Get back on track after the lockdown…

Great PTs, excellent programme. Highly recommended if you want to get back on track after the lockdown.

Flavio Oliviera

My sessions are the highlight of my week!

Before I joined the Fitting Rooms I was terrified of the gym. I’ve been here nearly two years now and my sessions are the highlight of my week and I actually look forward to them. I’m lifting weights I never thought I would and the social side of training in a small group is a fantastic bonus. Not only do I love it, but I’ve lost 23kg and gained muscle, completely changing my body shape and my outlook on life. TFR has been great for my body & my mind!

David Ian

The Fitting Rooms has completely changed my life…

Quite simply, The Fitting Rooms has completely changed my life! I actually look forward to working out and feel great afterwards. I was a complete gym novice – never ventured near scary looking weights and stuck to the standard treadmill, bike etc. However, The Fitting Rooms has made me feel excited to work out and most importantly made it easy to integrate it into my lifestyle. The Fitting Rooms offers a complete package too: easy sign up, consultation free of charge and an option to buy a block of passes which you can use any time to suit you. All the trainers are personable, approachable and take into account any specific requirements you have to create a tailored programme. I have done only the shared sessions and found this to be a great way to meet new people and also motivate each other. The biggest bonus for me is how easy it is to book sessions online via the MindBody app. My schedule is slightly unpredictable so the flexibility of doing morning or evening sessions has been really helpful. I couldn’t recommend The Fitting Rooms highly enough!

Mohini Rao
Corporate Citizenship

The Fitting Rooms feels exclusive…

My husband and I have been training with David Jordan for five years and we were delighted to join his new family-run gym. The Fitting Rooms feels exclusive, clean, very friendly, and doesn’t have all of the distractions of a “typical” city gym. David has been professional, reliable, easy to talk to, and has always offered a well-rounded service: quantified strength, flexibility, and nutrition. Now that I am pregnant we trust him to train me as far as possible and will continue with him post-baby as well. The Fitting Rooms and Dave are highly recommended by this SE16 resident – the 381 bus makes it easy!

Nadia Tess
Assistant Vice President

The trainers are all very friendly and knowledgeable…

I started attending The Fitting Rooms in May and so far the experience has been great. The training is varied and I get to learn a lot of new things and machines to use. The concept whereby the trainers gather a lot of information and know exactly what weight/effort you need to put in and also monitoring your progress, is very innovative. The trainers are all very friendly and knowledgeable and as someone who has been averse to gyms and their grumpy instructors in the past, this is a real plus. All in all, for me going twice a week, it is a perfect addition to my existing training schedule.

Benjamin Beer

I had 100% confidence that working out was the best thing for my baby

I started my programme at TFR just as I found out I was pregnant at 7 weeks, and they were amazing in adapting the programme. They focused on different areas and strengths alongside my husband’s training, which I totally appreciated. Any questions or fears about training pre-natal were answered and I had 100% confidence that working out was the best thing for my baby and I. Now 7 months post-natal after a c-section, training has been a breeze and the programming and attention to detail is unmatched. I’m actually lifting personal bests and feel stronger than before! Very much recommend.


Feel stronger and can now run long distance easily…

I love The Fitting Rooms because it’s not like your usual gym where you are battling for a space on machines or fighting for weights along with all the other sweaty people trying to get bikini / budgie-smuggler ready for the summer. This gym is private and personal and ideal for people who are self-conscious or work out better without distractions. As a female wanting to get into shape and lifting weights for the first time, the results have been amazing! I feel stronger and can now run long distance easily, not to mention all the other good changes within my body. The Fitting Rooms really is an outstanding gym with highly dedicated, knowledgeable and motivational Personal Trainers and I really can’t recommend these guys enough, as! If you are looking for trainers who will guide and support you fully through your fitness journey, this is the place for you!

Alexis Jackson

Great venue, amazing amenities, cool vibe…

Cannot recommend enough the Fitting Rooms! Great venue, amazing amenities, cool vibe and most of all the people who work there are lovely. They really know how to get you to the next level and offer you a variety of sessions tailored to your needs. Also great that there are no gym fees!

Julia Pavlova

Helped me gain confidence and strength…

I trained at The Fitting Rooms for 2.5 years on and off, it was the only real exercise regime I ever stuck to! Especially in the lead up to my wedding last year, I was religiously there twice a week in my shared training sessions with Toby, who helped me gain confidence and strength I didn’t know I had in me. I’m so thankful for the supportive group sessions as I couldn’t afford 1 on 1 and going to the gym by myself scared me so this was a perfect compromise. And I made great friends too.. what could go wrong? I just wish there were more sites as unfortunately now my work has taken me away from Southwark so I am unable to come to my regular slots. I hope to be back some time soon though. Thanks guys!

Jo Grant

Shared PT transformed how I feel about going to the gym…

I’ve only just started going to the Fitting Rooms (just over two months now) and I am already feeling much better, and looking much better. After putting on a lot of weight in lockdown I was struggling to find any motivation to go to the gym. I’d not done any exercise regularly for about five years (and now thanks to a lot of what they’ve taught me I realise even then a lot of what I was doing wasn’t right for me). The Foundation Shared PT sessions have completely transformed how I feel about going to the gym. For the first time ever, I look forward to it. I didn’t think I’d enjoy training with a couple of other people, but everyone here is incredibly friendly. All the trainers here are excellent. Because they keep track of what you’ve been doing, what you’ve been lifting and how you’ve done, they are incredibly good at making sure each person is doing what’s best for them, even in a group. I’ve learnt loads from each of them, and they all take the time to focus on technique as well as progress. I thought I’d do this as a kickstart, but to be honest I can’t imagine stopping.

Cal Roscow

You really feel a part of a great community

I’ve been going to the Fitting Rooms for nearly a year now. Not only have the results been amazing, but you really feel a part of a great community of trainers and clients alike. I look better, feel better, sleep better and have more energy than I did when I started – which is so important for me, my lifestyle and my professional career. Having been to several gyms in my time, I couldn’t recommend this
personal training gym enough.

Chris Tingley

They truly are a one-of-a-kind gym

I can’t recommend The Fitting Rooms enough! What really sets them apart is the incredible trainers – everyone is friendly and supportive and they made me feel comfortable from my very first session. I was a complete newcomer to training, and used to find other gyms intimidating and working out a chore – now I look forward to my sessions every week. The PTs always take the time to talk you through exercises, push you to achieve new goals and celebrate with you when you achieve them! I’ve really enjoyed meeting and training alongside new people in the shared classes, and I’ve noticed a massive difference in my strength, fitness and confidence. I’m so glad I gave The Fitting Rooms a go – they truly are a one-of-a-kind gym.


Noticeable and measurable change in muscle vs. fat mass

I have been attending the Shared PT sessions for just under a year.  I hadn’t ever really been to a gym consistently before  and was daunted by starting from the beginning but The Fitting Room team and the fellow gym goers have made it an absolute pleasure to attend.  Although the sessions are tough, I actively look forward to them. Some of the benefits I have found include: Noticeable and measurable change in muscle vs. fat mass; Better posture; The regular exercise really helped with changes in other areas of life from my diet and psychological/motivational approach to my domestic and business life; Feeling more positive and motivated in general. I have attempted to go to the gym in the past and failed but having the PT there to record your progress and see measurable improvements with either increased weights or reps as the sessions progress is addictive.  There is also a great social aspect too with the other attendees all being supportive and really welcoming and making the experience fun. With the recent Covid19 interruption I took advantage of The Fitting Rooms’ virtual sessions.  I was apprehensive at first on how effective they would be without being in a physical gym, but I have been amazed at how good these have been!  I have been in as much pain (in a positive way!) as I have by attending the gym in person by using a variety of body weight exercises, towels, water bottles and even tins of beans as equipment. Thanks guys for all the support so far and for helping me make such a positive change and improvement to my life!

Alex Dover

The best thing I have ever done for my health, happiness and confidence…

The best thing I have ever done for my health, happiness and confidence was joining TFR. If you are looking to work with passionate, experienced and talented trainers who are experts in their field, this is the place for you. The shared personal training is an inspired way to give folks the individually tailored and challenging attention they need, while making it more accessible to people who don’t want 1 to 1 PT for whatever reason. Dave, Steve and Yas have built an inclusive environment where I feel completely comfortable (something rare for a gym) and where you can also expect fun while you get fitter! They’ve staffed this place with excellent trainers like Issie and Toby who are adaptive and encouraging. And to top it all off, have a model that gives us clients exactly what we need. Would highly recommend to anyone of any ability who is looking to make a lifestyle change and invest in themselves.

Olivia Cosgrove

I love the cozy and warm feeling at this gym.

I was trying out at this gym when I visited London two weeks ago.  The location is very convenient.  Being a General Manager of a global service management company, I could feel everyone was so naturally nice and friendly to welcome you when I stepped in.  I have been Equinox for years, but I love the cozy and warm feeling at this gym.  You can really focus on your training without distracting from anything else.  The personal trainer, Mike, really helped me to engage in the program particularly designed for me during the three sessions.  I had a such solid training and wonderful experience at this gym.  I highly recommend it and definitely go back again when I travel to London.

Jay Hwang

Tougher than I ever imagined a home workout could be!

I’ve been doing both the Virtual Classes and the Virtual SPT and I’m loving them. They’re tougher than I ever imagined a home workout could be! The Virtual SPT is great for being kept accountable and I’ve found having sessions booked in has really helped with keeping some structure and sense of normality to my days – I’m still dreading weekly HIIT sessions even when the gym is closed! (Also, my first isolation purchase was a set of kettlebells and I hold TFR entirely accountably for that!). Thank you for setting up all the Virtual sessions, they really are keeping me sane!

Helena Blake

You get a lot of guidance…

With the gyms still closed I was desperate to get back into some sort of weights routine and that’s when I saw The Fitting Rooms ad. I’ve really liked the small group sessions outside and the workouts are good mix of upper, lower or full body using weights and body weight. There’s never more than four people and a PT so you get a lot of guidance which after a long break of doing nothing has really helped me get back into the swing of things.

Johathan Beaumont

My only regret is not starting sooner!

I have been doing Shared Personal Training with Steve at The Fitting Rooms for about 2 months now. I am an avid runner, but prior to starting at TFR I had never done any weight training. Now, having done personal training for about 2 months, my only regret is not starting sooner! My programme is focused on Body Composition and core strength, as I wanted something to help me tone up while also strengthening my legs, back and core for those long runs. Within the first few weeks I began to see results in many ways: how I look; increased energy levels and better sleep. My running times also began to improve, even seeing some PBs after over a year of plateaus. I am now able to push myself harder and recover more quickly, and I am looking forward to incorporating work with TFR as part of my training plan for the London Marathon in 2016. I now get many compliments on how I look and I recently got married and it was fantastic to look and feel so lean and fit in my dress! I wholeheartedly recommend shared PT sessions at the Fitting Rooms. In addition to being great value for money, their dedicated and professional PTs work with you to create a plan to work toward your particular goals and motivate you to achieve them!

Anna Trihan
Tax Manager

Have achieved more than I ever thought possible…

The Fitting Rooms is a really fabulous gym with a truly fantastic team! When they say personal and tailored for you they mean it! I have been training with Dave Jordan for over four years and have achieved more than I ever thought possible thanks to his expert knowledge and abundant motivation, encouragement and inspiration. If you’ve not tried The Fitting Rooms gym yet then it really is a MUST!

Joanne Richardson

They push you and keep you going till the very end…

I started at The Fitting Rooms a little apprehensive as I’d never trained with weights before. It didn’t take long for me to actively look forward to my Shared PT sessions at TFR. The team is wonderful and incredibly motivated – they push you and keep you going till the very end. Programmes change every month – keeping things fresh and challenging you at every step of the way. I joined with a goal in mind and I can safely say that I wouldn’t have reached it without the constant guidance and support from all the trainers at TFR. I would highly recommend the TFR to everyone – regardless of your experience (or inexperience) in weight training or whatever fitness goal you’re working toward.

Ayushi Aurora
Law Practice Trainee

In just a few months I have seen great results…

This is a very good training gym! I was a complete novice when I started so was quite nervous about joining a gym. All of the trainers are very friendly which creates a welcoming and supportive environment. In just a few months I have seen great results, I am feeling healthier and am more confident in my appearance. I would highly recommend The Fitting Rooms to anyone who is looking to begin their fitness journey!


I now look forward to going to the gym…

The-Fitting-Rooms-Personal-Training-Client-Lara-London Marathon

I have been training with Yas since May 2013 and I give her all the credit that I now look forward to going to the gym and am a self-confessed gymaholic! Her dedication to her work combined with her knowledge and understanding of fitness have been extremely inspiring for me. Yas’s approach to training is fun, effective, unique and motivating. It is not a repetitive, mechanical process of doing reps and is not all about running on a treadmill aimlessly for hours on end. She focuses a lot on activating the various muscle groups so it’s impossible to cheat and you see (and feel!) the benefits even after a short time. Yas creates specific training programmes to help you achieve your personal goals and varies this frequently to keep you and your body challenged and constantly progressing. I can’t thank Yas enough for her patience, skills, knowledge and friendship.

Lara Thompson
Asset Management

I finally feel strong!

I couldn’t love training with Yas at The Fitting Rooms more. The facilities are pristine and lovely and the staff are always friendly and welcoming. I had never tried weight training before and am now completely obsessed! I had hit a plateau at my old gym, spending hours doing cardio, not noticing any change in my body, and certainly not enjoying myself. I now cannot wait for my sessions with Yas. She has taught me so much about my body and our sessions are never dull. Funnily enough, weight training increases my heart rate more than I ever noticed doing loads of cardio. I finally feel strong! I can’t recommend The Fitting Rooms enough.

Lauren Samuels

My sessions have made me much more confident

I’ve been doing the shared PT sessions at The Fitting Rooms for around 12 weeks now and have absolutely loved it. With a max of 4 people per session, it makes it a sociable experience but also allows the trainer to make adjustments specific to each person. My sessions have made me much more confident when in the gym on my own as I have the knowledge of correct form and I’m not scared to be (often) the only girl in the weights section of the gym!

Carly McIntyre

I’ve lost weight while increasing muscle & gained confidence…

I was struggling to find an effective and sustainable approach to fitness until I came across The Fitting Rooms. Shared PT has been absolutely brilliant for me. I love that you get coaching on form and progression from fantastic trainers, challenging routines that change every month, and a flexible timetable so you can always fit it in around your schedule. Since joining merely 4 months ago, I have lost weight while increasing muscle, and gained a huge amount of confidence.

Zach Rothstein

The workout programmes are well-designed and really work

I discovered The Fitting Rooms during the pandemic lockdown, as somewhere I could go for socially-distanced weight training. Since then, I’ve been completely hooked. The trainers are knowledgeable and help me push my limits without going overboard, and the workout programmes are well-designed and really work. My sessions with TFR give me a sense of accomplishment far beyond what I get working out by myself. I’d recommend them to anyone!

Albert Chu

I am well on my way to pre-surgery levels…

I’ve worked with James at The Fitting Rooms over the past eight months as part of my rehabilitation following major abdominal surgery. He has been outstanding. There was a proper handover sought from my physiotherapist and he has submitted his programme and report to my physio again for external review and she has noticed real gains. He and I feel that I am well on my way to pre-surgery levels. His approach has been planned throughout, always getting the right balance between ensuring safety and developing my core strength and general fitness. Significantly, he has identified the additional psychological components that led me to over-protect the surgery site and has used graded exposure to help me build my confidence when making certain movements. I cannot recommend him and The Fitting Rooms highly enough for this rehab-orientated approach.

Ben Papps
Clinical Nueropsychologist

They actually care about your fitness and well being!

Amazing Gym! Amazing Workout!! Amazing People!!! From someone that doesn’t have a lot of spare time, these guys know their stuff! They even explain the benefits of each exercise you do. There are not a lot of private gyms in zone 1 (London) that are professional as well as personable with their clients. They actually care about your fitness and well being! Highly recommended!

David Wong
Commercial Property Manager

The results were clear to see…

When I started training with Fitting Rooms I hadn’t trained properly for over 6 months and was definitely in need of a kick start so did I did the 3 months Shared PT Focus package, training three times a week. I loved every minute of it and the results were clear to see. I was pushed in every class I had with each trainer bringing something new to the shared session. Sharing the sessions made it both cost effective and motivating as each week you saw someone new or someone progress. I’ve moved jobs now and am no longer local, but I still get up at 5.30am once a week so I can go to a session. I’ve trained elsewhere and you just don’t get the same great, dedicated and well thought out service that leaves you feeling exhausted and exhilarated all in one! I would recommend to The Fitting Rooms Shared Personal Training to anyone!

Sarah Jane Flavell
Finance Manager

It’s like no other gym!

I’ve been working out at TFR for a few months and I can confidently say I love it! The Shared PT is great fun; you get the best mix of having a couple of workout buddies but also being looked after by great PTs. You can see progress week by week, both in terms of weights being lifted (always done in a safe and well-explained manner) as well as physical transformation.

I saw real changes just weeks into the training. The best thing about TFR is the sense of community: it’s like no other gym! I 100% recommend!”


It feels 1:1 even when you have 3 others in the session…

Thanks to Google and testimonials, I found the perfect gym for me at TFR. I’ve done a variety of other classes and types of workouts, but I knew strength training was what I needed to see real results. The Shared PT is perfect for someone like me who enjoys the social aspect, but wants to still have personalization. The workouts are challenging in the best way. I immediately saw results in how much stronger and better I could lift just in my first month of sessions. All the trainers are amazing – they really help you with your form and it feels 1:1 even when you have 3 others in the session. Once I got back into the right workout routine, I figured it was time to look at my diet too. TFR nutrition has been key to seeing fat loss results. After some intensive and failed diets, the combination of training and food with TFR has felt like a sustainable lifestyle change. They really listen to what you need and help you adapt your life slowly so it’s truly sustainable. I can’t recommend TFR enough – they truly have it all and help you make a lifestyle change that will stick.

Emily Kader

You really feel part of the family when you train here!

I decided to invest in the ultimate focus package and it was the best decision I have made. It was important to me to find a place where the staff are friendly, facilities are clean and somewhere I enjoy going and I have definitely found that here. Other members are open and chatty, the PTs are all very experienced and knowledgeable and I am already seeing great results!! If you are considering a Personal Training studio I would highly recommend coming here. It is a family business through and through and you really feel part of the family when you train here.

Monika Noor
Enterprise Solutions Consultant

Has helped me build the knowledge and confidence to workout on my own…

Before I started training with Yas I was a semi-regular gym goer, sticking to the same limited selection of exercises I was comfortable with. I kept to the cross trainer and static weight machines, too intimidated to enter the free-weights area, and was making very limited progress. More than 18 months later and it’s completely different story. Since I began my sessions with Yas I’ve had a very clear focus, she regularly changes up my plan, taking time teach me exercises I’m unfamiliar with to ensure proper form and challenging me to get the best results. Yas has helped me build the knowledge and confidence to workout on my own and now I’m a gym regular, three times a week. The hard work has payed off as I’ve seen clear progress which no doubt is down to Yas’s great work.

Dominic Franiel
Recruitmant Manager

The trainers are excellent…

From my very first session at The Fitting Rooms, I felt so welcome. The trainers are excellent, and the sessions are hard for sure, but also so much fun. The training programmes change every 4 weeks, which means you never get bored. I decided to have One-on-one PT alongside the Shared PT group sessions, which works well for me to keep me consistent and accountable. The trainers really engage with you about your goals and celebrate all your wins with you, which is really lovely!


The best physical shape of my life…

I have been training for around 10 years and have always been very comfortable pushing myself to achieve my fitness goals and as a result of this I had never considered using a personal trainer. This all changed when I developed a rotator cuff injury after overtraining. Dave was highly recommended to me, not only as an exceptional personal trainer who achieves fantastic results for his clients, but also for his knowledge of injury management and prevention. Through my training sessions with Dave I have not only overcome my rotator cuff injury but have also got myself into the best physical shape of my life and I now have a whole arsenal of exercises I hadn’t ever done before! Dave is not only ideal for reaching your fitness goals and injury management but he is also a great laugh which makes the training sessions something I would look forward to, even after a hard day of work.

James Boyle
IT Manager

Shared personal training is really cost effective…

Great staff, great atmosphere & great results (if you put the effort in)! Could not recommend highly enough. Shared personal training is really cost effective too and everyone there is so friendly. There really is a team effort when training. Transition between exercises is so smooth and your trainer knows exactly what weight you lifted previously and what they should raise you by to push you further. One word of warning beware the HIIT sessions 🙂 tough but very effective!

Steven Jennings

I’m squatting and deadlifting weights that make me proud of myself…

I have been working with Dave since 2014 whenever I can fit in a session. I have always been a keen sportsman and had a good understanding of how to exercise certain muscle groups so hadn’t really looked at working with a PT before. Dave changed that opinion! I developed a knee injury from running which I have been unable to shake so working out in different ways became important to me to keep fit and in shape. On top of introducing me to specific exercises to help my knee problem which work (a number of physios have been less than helpful), Dave has introduced me to a number of different workouts that challenge me in a number of different ways while keeping it fresh. I have never been into lifting heavy weights but now I’m squatting and dead-lifting weights that make me proud of myself while having a variety of free-weight exercises to hand that work other areas. Besides being very professional and great at his job, Dave is also a great guy who is easy to get along with and we often find ourselves having a good laugh in between the sets.

Sales Executive

The training helped significantly in me bouncing back…

“I joined TFR when I was a little over six months pregnant. I was keen to build up some upper body strength in preparation for the big arrival. Yasmin was splendid. Being a mother herself and certified to design prenatal training plans, I felt completely comfortable. I feel the training helped significantly in me bouncing back as fast as I did. It gave me more strength and stamina. I was back at the gym as soon as I could. It has been a big confidence builder to see what I can do after having given birth.”


Quickly noticed a significant difference…

I first joined The Fitting Rooms whilst training for the 2016 Boston Bhangra Competition, one of the biggest international Bhangra competitions in America. I was a little bit apprehensive about weight training at first, but after my initial Taster with Yas I knew that the well thought out training programmes provided by TFR would be the perfect addition to my training regime – and they really were. I trained 2-3 times a week on the Shared personal training programme in the lead up to my competition and very quickly noticed a significant difference in my strength, tone and stamina. The team at TFR create an extremely friendly and motivating environment to train in and really go the extra mile for all their clients. With the help of the team at TFR, I was able to reach peak condition in time for the competition and our team went on to take first place! With a fantastic, experienced group of trainers, high quality equipment and a very personal touch, I have loved every minute training with TFR. I could not recommend them enough. In fact, I’ve even come back to continue my training even though my competition training is over!

Manpreet Sagoo

I am a huge fan of the Shared PT…

I have been training in the shared personal training sessions every Monday and Wednesday evening, since October 2015, with Steve. These are fantastic sessions and never in a group of more than 4, and often just 2, so the attention is really focused on each individual making it incredibly effective. Steve is a very dedicated personal training guru and everyone who takes part in the group PT sessions leave at the end having had a great work out. I have started to notice significant changes just in the short time I have been doing these and I look forward to continuing. Not only is it a great work out (I find it more productive than when I have had 1 on 1 PT sessions at other gyms) but it is also good fun and it is good to have other people taking part so you can push one another. Furthermore it is fantastic value for money when you compare this with your average 1 on 1 PT session in a big brand gym and the results are a lot better for me too. I am a huge fan of the Shared PT training and couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

William Dineen
Business Development Manager

Every personal trainer is 150% focussed…

Training with The Fitting Rooms is fun and exciting. Every personal trainer is 150 percent focussed and never fail to motivate and inspire me during my sessions. Their encouragement continuously reassures me that there is nothing stopping me from getting fit. TFR focus on my form and technique without fail at every session making every movement count. Moreover, they always explain what / why I am doing certain exercises, and without fail answer my questions with knowledge and professionalism. I am happy to recommend them to anyone who wishes to improve their fitness.

Paul Bradley

One of the best things I’ve done…

I’ve been training with Yas for around 3 months and it’s one of the best things I’ve done. I’ve never been really sporty but with Yas I can feel myself getting stronger and fitter every week – not only in the gym but in normal life too. It’s very satisfying not having aching arms when I’m carrying the Sainsburys shopping home! Yas is really supportive and has helped me enjoy the gym, which is something that has never happened before! Taking up one-on-one personal training was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made: even in such a short time, it’s really changed my life.

Dani Jeyes
Corporate Finance Analyst

It’s definitely not your average gym…

If you’re after a friendly, accessible and results driven gym then The Fitting Rooms is for you. All the staff are so dedicated to what they do, It’s definitely not your average gym. The equipment used is top quality unlike other gyms I have encountered in the past. I can’t recommend it enough – there is nowhere else I would train.

Amit Patel
IT Manager

The new programmes have included exercises that support & strengthen posture

Huge thanks to The Fitting Rooms. The move from Shared Personal Training sessions to Virtual Shared PT has been seamless. We still get the regularly updated programmes, tracked progress and expert guidance and adjustments, but now we also get hugely creative solutions to weights (everything from tins to filled backpacks to bags of cat litter) and even more attention than before. The new programmes have included exercises that support and strengthen posture, which is definitely needed in our new WFH world