Christmas Turkey Salad with blue cheese & cranberry dressing

Leftover Christmas Turkey Salad If you’re looking for a fresher and tastier way to use up your leftover Christmas turkey this year, we have the ideal recipe for you! This turkey salad with blue cheese salad & cranberry sauce dressing is packed full of festive flavour and takes minutes to prepare; meaning you can

What is gut microbiome and how do we improve gut health?

What is gut microbiome and what is it's impact on gut health? When we're talking about our gut health, we're refercing the health of the whole of our digestive system; from our oesophagus down down to our bowel. In our gut there is a community of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, known

Roast Tomato & Sweet Potato Soup Recipe

Roast Tomato & Sweet Potato Soup Recipe Cold weather calls for an epic soup and the enjoyment-to-effort ratio for this Roast Tomato & Sweet Potato Soup is so high it could quickly become your go-to comfort food this winter. You can also stir through some spinach and pre-cooked chicken for a heartier, protein-packed meal!

How to get bulked… Clean Bulk versus Dirty Bulk

Getting Bulked If you’ve ever tried to build muscle mass, or get bulked, you’ve probably heard of a “bulking phase”. This is a period of normally 2-4 months where the primary focus is gaining muscle; achieved by consuming a surplus of calories (consuming more calories than the body burns each day) alongside hypertrophy training,

Vegan Recipe – 3 Bean Chilli

Vegan Recipe: 3 Bean Chilli Recipe This 3-bean chilli vegan recipe is packed with so much flavour that even the meat-lovers amongst you will be going back for seconds! The combination of rice and beans makes a complete protein so this meal is an excellent vegan protein source! The vegan recipe makes four portions

What are Collagen Supplements and are they worth taking?

Collagen is a protein produced by the body that plays an essential role in protecting our joints and bones and providing structural support to tissue in the body. It’s known for its aesthetic benefits to our skin and hair, providing the elasticity associated with their health. Your body will naturally produce collagen, but you

Is eating carbs late at night bad for fat loss?

Is eating carbs late at night bad for fat loss? If you’ve ever tried to lose weight by making changes to your diet or by following a fad diet, the chances are you’ve heard that you should avoid eating carbs after 6pm as they will be stored as body fat. Whilst this has been

How to eat a more eco-friendly diet…

How to eat a more eco-friendly diet… We all need to do our bit when it comes to the climate crisis and improving our food choices is one small step we can take to make a difference. Here are 5 simple tips to eat more sustainably… 1. Eat more plants and greens: Plant-based foods

Leftover Roast Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Soup Recipe…

Leftover Roast Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Soup Recipe… Shut the bad weather and crazy world out for a few hours and snuggle up on the sofa with this deliciously warming and wonderfully healthy soup. It’s a brilliant way to use up leftover roast chicken, or can easily be made with chicken thighs otherwise; and

Vegan Black Bean Salsa Recipe…

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If you’re looking for a way to liven up your healthy eating this January, then look no further than our Vegan Black Bean Salsa recipe! Black beans are high in protein and packed with fibre, magnesium and potassium; making them a ridiculously healthy option, especially if you’re trying out Veganuary this month. The salsa also works