Easter treats vs. staying on track

With the smell of hot cross buns in the air and the Easter break tantalisingly close, there comes the decision of whether to stay on track with training and nutrition or make a beeline straight for the chocolate eggs and buttery Easter treats.

Our recommendation… try to strike a balance between the two!

With the stresses of a fast-pace modern life, many of us have adopted an all-or-nothing attitude to everything we do, from diet and training to our social activity. Unfortunately, as unsexy as it is – the middle ground is the place that long term gains are made!

So, with that in mind, here are some tip to help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals this Easter without sucking all the fun (and flavour) out of it…

Choose one Easter Treat which is all yours

If you have family or friends that like to buy for each other, why not organise a Secret Santa style gift-giving so that everyone gets one special egg! And if you get given more, why not donate to a food bank, most supermarkets have collection points.

Set limits on how much and how often you’ll drink alcohol

A long weekend can often get out of control and before we know it, we’ve consumed alcohol 7 days straight. Avoid this by planning ahead, both in terms of when and what you’ll drink

Get out and move

If you can’t hit the gym, get your steps in – who doesn’t like an Easter walk and enjoying the British springtime! A scheduled morning walk is also a good way to avoid getting too carried away with drinks the night before!

Remember Easter is a long weekend

Don’t fall into that trap of letting everything go for 2-3 weeks and then needing a full reset! Enjoy the break but get back into your good habits as soon as you can.

Enjoy your Easter Treats!

So embrace the long weekend – eat your chocolate (in moderation), go for some lovely walks and most of all – enjoy yourselves!