At The Fitting Rooms we are huge advocates of prenatal training and feel honoured to have been chosen by many mums to assist with their pregnancy exercise; from the very first weeks of their pregnancies, right up to days before giving birth.

We understand that exercise during pregnancy can be a daunting topic for the expectant mum and her friends and family; but luckily there have now been numerous studies into the effect of pregnancy exercise on the health of mothers and the unborn baby, and experts agree that prenatal training is not only safe, but comes with a huge range of health benefits…

For the mother, the benefits of prenatal training include improved circulation; reduced swelling; eased gastrointestinal discomfort; reduced leg cramps; reduced maternal weight gain; reduced muscular discomfort; improved body-confidence; reduced risk of lower back pain; easier & shorter labours and faster postpartum recovery. Whilst from the baby’s point of view, studies show that those born to mums who exercised during their pregnancy had better tolerance of late or long labours and had healthier hearts than other infants.

The NHS strongly recommend expectant mums to participate in regular prenatal training, stating that “The more active and fit you are during pregnancy, the easier it will be for you to adapt to your changing shape and weight gain. It will also help you to cope with labour and get back into shape after the birth.” And with our years of training woman from conception to birth; you can feel safe in the knowledge that we have the expertise to safely keep you fit, strong and healthy throughout your pregnancy!

Healthier Pregnancy | Easier Labour | Faster Recovery

Why weight train when pregnant?

Research has shown that for prenatal training to be most beneficial it must be “weight bearing”. Aerobic exercise such as running, cycling or walking is all safe and recommended, but weight-training has been proven to be the most valuable activity since it strengthens the body: helping it to cope with the stress of maternal weight gain and the associated muscular and joint aches.

A balanced training program will alleviate back pain, common during pregnancy, whilst improving core stability and posture, supporting the body as it adapts to its changing centre of gravity. Women who weight trained during pregnancy are also found to have lower perceived pain levels during labour!

What if I’ve never weight trained before?

Just because you’ve never weight trained prior to falling pregnant doesn’t mean you must miss out on the many benefits of prenatal training now! Working with a qualified pre & post-natal trainer is the best way to ensure that your training is balanced, progressive and safe, whilst still challenging enough to optimise results.

Why choose TFR for prenatal training?

The Fitting Rooms has been chosen by hundreds of women across the years to design and assist with their prenatal training. We have trained women from the very beginning of their pregnancies, up to days before giving birth; both in One-on-One and Shared PT sessions. Our Personal Trainers are highly experienced in knowing how to help pregnant women get the most out of their workouts, in the safest way possible; and our director Yas has even trained herself through two pregnancies, so understands first-hand what it feels like to train when pregnant.

How much is a Prenatal Personal Trainer?

The cost of your prenatal training will depend on which of our training services you opt for, and you can find our full personal training services Price list here.

You can choose to try our industry leading One-on-one PT, in which case we will specifically tailor a prenatal training programme for every stage of your pregnancy. Alternatively, if you have a friend at a similar stage of pregnancy, you could do Partner training together and we will tailor a programme for the two of you to train simultenously for increased motivation! Finally, you may decide, as many other pregnant women have, that you would like to try our Shared PT sessions; in this case we will adapt our Shared PT programmes throughout your pregnancy so that you are always training safely, appropriately and with benefit to you and your baby!

If you’re interested in learning more about prenatal training with one of our Personal Trainers in London Bridge, fill in the form below and our Prenatal Training expert Yas will be in touch; to answer all your questions and get you booked in for a Taster session…

Joining a new gym can be daunting at any time, but even more so when you have the health of your baby to prioritise. We are honoured that 100s of women have trusted us with their prenatal training and we hope you will too. For more peace of mind, check out what some of our clients have said about their prenatal training experience at The Fitting Rooms gym…