Quite simply, The Fitting Rooms has completely changed my life! I actually look forward to working out and feel great afterwards. I was a complete gym novice – never ventured near scary looking weights and stuck to the standard treadmill, bike etc. However, The Fitting Rooms has made me feel excited to work out and most importantly made it easy to integrate it into my lifestyle. The Fitting Rooms offers a complete package too: easy sign up, consultation free of charge and an option to buy a block of passes which you can use any time to suit you. All the trainers are personable, approachable and take into account any specific requirements you have to create a tailored programme. I have done only the shared sessions and found this to be a great way to meet new people and also motivate each other. The biggest bonus for me is how easy it is to book sessions online via the MindBody app. My schedule is slightly unpredictable so the flexibility of doing morning or evening sessions has been really helpful. I couldn’t recommend The Fitting Rooms highly enough!