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5-a-day… Exactly how much fruit & veg should we eat?

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Governement guildelines dictate that we should eat five portions of fruit & vegetables a day, but is this enough and does the split of our 5-a-day make a difference...? In recent years there's been much discussion around whether five portions is actually enough to make a difference to our health, with some reports suggesting

Free-weights versus resistance machines

Free weights versus resistance machines... What's best to optimise your training results? Should you switch the leg press for the barbell squat; the shoulder press machine for dumbbell presses or fly machines for dumbbell flyes? As humans we have been lifting rocks; carrying, pushing & pulling free standing objects and generally opposing earth’s gravitational force

Fat Grip Training

Fat bar or fat grip training has many benefits beyond that of grip strength. See below for why you should include it in your training: - Increase in motor unit activity; - More functional strength - everyday life rarely comes with the ease of a 1 1/4 inch bar to grab; - Increase in grip