The Fitting Rooms’s top 10 tips to reducing belly fat

Cutting belly fat is generally a primary fitness goal amongst our clients. Unfortunately however, it is most often the last place people will lose fat from, but here are our top 10 tips to help tackle this problem area. 1. Drink coloured salt, lime and water every morning. This helps to re-set your adrenal glands

Healthy moderation… the key to long-term results

Here at The Fitting Rooms we generally don't advocate overly regular measurements of body composition as we feel that long-term, sustainable improvements do not happen overnight, and close monitoring can actually lead to frustration and demotivation. However, this is the first time I’ve had my body fat % measured this year and so this seemed

Steady-State cardio or HIIT: which is best?

With HIIT training being all the rage these days, this may seem like a fairly pointless article, but lets not be too hasty... Reasons for HIIT: - Greater calorie expenditure hence more fat loss than steady-state; - Time efficient, 20 minutes is normally sufficient; - Boosts testosterone levels; - Can cause protein synthesis; - Requires

What your mama gave ya… all about genetics!

Happy Mother's day to all you mums out there! We've got a lot to thank our mums for, which brings us on nicely to today's topic of genetics... Let's discuss all the things we should, or perhaps shouldn't, be grateful for inheriting from our parents. When it comes to training results, genetics can play a

Should women train like men?

In the purest sense, if the starting point and the end goal (fat loss, strength gains, muscle building, better endurance, etc.) of a man and woman are the same then for the most part men and women's training should be similar... Yes women should be weight training and, if their particular phase of training requires

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