So many women overlook calf training, partly because it’s not very exciting but also because they are worried about building bulky calves (you’re actually far more likely to do this with constant spin classes than weight training!).

This is a shame since calf training is extremely important for anyone that runs, anyone that wears heels or anyone that is trying to build better glutes – all or most of which apply to many of us women!

Calf strains and tears are extremely common in runners because of an underlying weakness in the calf muscles. Calf training fixes this by strengthening the calves!

Wearing heels all day shortens your calf muscles which over time will tighten your posterior chain and can lead to lower back problems. Calf training fixes this by lengthening the calves!

Additionally: short, tight calves will mean you will shorten the range you are able to achieve with your squat and without a deep squat you will be unable to optimise your glute training! Shallow squats do not lead to a great butt! Again, calf training fixes this by strengthening and lengthening the calves!

To train your calves properly you need to be able to move them through their full range of movement (meaning going up on to your tip toes on a flat surface is pointless!). With your toes on a ledge (seated or standing), slowly lower your heels to the floor; pause in the stretched position and then contract the muscle back up. Focus on a tempo around 2-1-1-1.

Strong calves help build a strong, healthy and balanced body, whilst lengthened calves improve mobility which allows for greater range of movements for the big lifts, like deadlifts and squats, which are going to sculpt your figure, so do not be afraid to train them ladies!