If you’re looking for a powerful exercise to strengthen your hamstrings and lower back, then give seated good mornings a try.

Seated good mornings isolate the hip extension movement and work your posterior chain through it’s greatest possible range, as you can see (in the video below) from the angle of my hips at the bottom position, helping to develop strength in the lowest range.

To perform:

– Position the bar on the middle of your traps and take a wide grip;
– Step back and take a seat on a bench;
– Lean as far forward as your flexibility allows keeping your shoulders back, chest up and back in straight alignment – if your back starts to round forwards then you’ve gone beyond your current range of movement or the weight is too heavy;
– Lift back up to an almost-upright position and focus on initiating the movement with your lower back, make sure you do not hyperextend, as you come up;
– Do the exercise with your legs straight to really stretch your hamstrings and help improve flexibility.

Give them a try as an accessory exercise after squats or deadlifts, and let us know how you get on!