Healthy Vegetarian Protein Sources

Healthy Vegetarian Protein Sources Getting enough protein on a healthy vegetarian diet can take a little bit of preparation and knowledge, but these days there are plenty of delicious and nutritious vegetarian protein options available to help you reach your daily target. Here are some of the best vegetarian protein sources to include in

How to reduce DOMS

How to reduce DOMS…First things first, what is DOMS?DOMS stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It refers to the muscle pain and stiffness that typically develops a day or two after engaging in exercise, particularly when it’s new or intense. It’s the body’s natural inflammatory response to repair the muscles.How can I reduce the

Orange, Lime & Honey Salmon Recipe

Orange, Lime & Honey Salmon Recipe… Brighten up a cold evening with our Orange, lime & honey salmon recipe. It is packed with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, and vitamins B & C, along with plenty of other nutrients and is so tasty and simple to make, this will quickly become one of your

Increase your Bench Press with the Pin Press…

Improve your Bench press with the Pin Press.. What is the Bench Pin Press? The Bench Pin Press is an excellent exercise variation that can help to improve your maximum load on a standard Barbell Bench Press by addressing how much power you can generate from the bottom of the movement. The exercise is

Healthy eating out options to stay on track…

Healthy Eating Out Options How to stay on track with your diet Staying on track with your diet when eating out can be challenging, but with some planning and mindfulness, you can make healthier choices. Here are our top tips for healthy eating out options to help make sure your results aren't derailed on

  • Bulgarian Split Squat exercise

Bulgarian Split Squat – Muscles worked & how to perform…

The Bulgarian Split Squat If there’s one exercise TFR client dread seeing in their programme each month, it has to be the mighty Bulgarian Split Squat. An exercise guaranteed to have your legs quivering by the end of the workout, and your muscles aching the next day! But trust us, we wouldn’t put

Eating for health versus eating for weight loss

Eating for health versus eating for weight loss When it comes to changing your diet to improve body composition, one mistake we commonly see is people thinking that eating for health is the same as eating for weight loss. Whilst there is crossover between the two, they are not the same thing and

No pain, no gain? How hard should you workout in the gym?

No Pain, No Gain! How hard should you workout? We’ve all heard the old gym saying, “no pain, no gain”, but is that really the measure we should use to gauge the effectiveness of our workouts, or is understanding how hard you should workout a little more complicated than that? In reality, how

Nordic Curls for hamstring strength and injury prevention…

What are Nordic Curls Nordic Curls, also known as the Nordic Hamstring Curl or Russian Curls, are an excellent strength-training exercise which target the hamstrings at the back of the legs, and focus on eccentric loading of the muscle… The exercise involves lowering your body from a kneeling position while keeping your ankles

Benefits of the Dumbbell Hip-Banded RDL exercise…

Hip-Banded RDL for hamstrings and glutes The Hip-Banded RDL is a brilliant compound movement which is guaranteed to get your hamstrings and glutes fired up! Romanian Deadlifts are one of our favourite posterior chain exercises; not only do they work your hamstrings harder than a conventional deadlift, since the straighter leg means less