How heavy should you be lifting… strength standards for normal people

How heavy should you be aiming to lift?Understanding what weights to be working towards in the gym can be extremely motivating and act as a measurable and tangible goal when it comes to lifting weights. Fitness blogs and “fitfluencer” accounts will often reel off information about strength standards we should all be lifting; but these

What are the best gym trainers for lifting weights?

What are the best gym trainers or footwear for lifting weights? If you’re looking to get the most out of your workouts, then having the right footwear is something it’s worth thinking about. Look around any gym and you’ll notice a whole range of trainers in use; from tired old runners, to heel elevated

How to do a Pull-up…

How to do a Pull-up Pull-ups are considered the ultimate upper body strength exercise, and achieving your first bodyweight Pull-up is a huge milestone in the gym. Reaching that point can be immensely challenging, but we've taught many clients how to do a Pull-up and hopefully we can help you achieve this goal too!

How to perform the Reverse Deficit Lunge

All about the Reverse Deficit Lunge… The Reverse Deficit Lunge is an excellent lower body exercise that helps to improve mobility, strength and athletic performance. The primary muscles worked are the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings, with assistance from other muscles, including the calves, core, forearms and traps. The process of stepping from a bilateral,

How to get bulked… Clean Bulk versus Dirty Bulk

Getting Bulked If you’ve ever tried to build muscle mass, or get bulked, you’ve probably heard of a “bulking phase”. This is a period of normally 2-4 months where the primary focus is gaining muscle; achieved by consuming a surplus of calories (consuming more calories than the body burns each day) alongside hypertrophy training,

Vegan Banana Cake Recipe

Vegan Banana Cake Recipe At The Fitting Rooms, we believe in balance and achieving your health and fitness goals, whilst not giving up everything you love! So why not indulge in a slice of cake every once in a while. This delicious banana loaf cake is perfect for using up leftover bananas. It

How To Eat Well On A Budget

How To Eat Well On A Budget With the plethora of celebrities and influencers promoting expensive powders and plans, you could be forgiven for thinking that eating well or having a healthy diet must be expensive. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. It is possible to eat a nutritionally balanced diet,

What are the benefits of weight lifting for women?

What are the benefits of weight lifting for women? This month, we launched our new Ladies-only Strength (LS) programme, so what better time to look at the many benefits of weight lifting for women! It goes without saying that all forms of exercise are beneficial, but it is now known that resistance training

How To Fuel Your Workouts On A Vegan Diet

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How To Fuel Your Workouts On A Vegan Diet There is no denying that a growing number of people are becoming interested in consuming more plant-based foods - with some going a step further and adopting a fully vegan diet. Whilst there are many benefits to eating more plant-based foods, it is important to