Want stronger hamstrings, glutes & lower back? Meet the glute-ham raise!

If you're lucky enough to have access to a glute-ham raise at your gym, then this is one machine you should definitely familiarise yourself with. When performed correctly (which unfortunately it rarely is) the glute-ham raise is a powerful posterior-chain exercise that works your glutes, hamstrings, lower back and calves. It is considered one of

Posterior-chain training

Do you suffer from lower back pain? Are you starting to feel like your big lifts in the gym are stagnating? Or perhaps you don’t feel as powerful on the pitch as you should? If so, the chances are that you’re not effectively training your entire posterior chain! With so many exercises available to train

How to eat healthy on the go!

Your best high street choices for lunch when out and about… At The Fitting Rooms we always encourage taking home-prepared lunches into work, but sometimes life just gets in the way so it’s good to know the best options available to buy on the high street. One of the biggest problems with ready prepared meals

A healthier Ceasar salad recipe

The perfect summer salad... Caesar salads get a bad rap for being unhealthy but there's nothing bad about my healthy home-made version: - Romaine lettuce; - Anchovies (Omega 3, vitamins A & B, calcium, magnesium, iron); - Grilled asparagus (fibre, folate, vitamins A, C, E, K, & chromium, a trace mineral that enhances the ability

What you didn’t know about hamstring training…

Many people lack sufficient hamstring training from their workouts, which is crazy considering how important hamstrings are for both athletic performance and aesthetics. Here are our top tips for hamstring training: 1. Hamstring curls should be done with low reps and early on in your workout. - The hamstring, when working as a knee flexor

Training and diet during Ramadan: the whats, whens and hows…

Tomorrow sees the start of Ramadan, the holy month of restraint observed by Muslims during which they must refrain from eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset. For anyone living in the UK that can mean fasting lasts for over 20 hours! With such a long fasted period each day, only a small window remains

Poliquin step-ups exercise to help fix knee-pain

If any of you have suffered from knee pain in the past then chances are you could do with strengthening your VMO (vastus medialis oblique): the tear-drop shaped muscle above the knee on the inside of your quad. This is the muscle that works to extend the knee and protects it upon contact with the

The Fitting Rooms at Stamford Bridge!

Dave & Yas had a great day out of the gym yesterday at Chelsea FC's Stamford Bridge. We were on hand at an ED&F charity football tournament to warm-up and stretch out the players. It was a fantastically organised day with over £60K raised for Macmillan Cancer Support, not to mention a very exciting opportunity

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