Your best high street choices for lunch when out and about…

At The Fitting Rooms we always encourage taking home-prepared lunches into work, but sometimes life just gets in the way so it’s good to know the best options available to buy on the high street.

One of the biggest problems with ready prepared meals is that they contain alarming amounts of sugars, sweeteners or heavily processed ingredients. Unfortunately, it’s often the case that these are the foods marketed to us as the healthy options: as a general rule of thumb, if it claims to be ‘low-fat’ it is probably high in sugars or sweeteners (hello Weight Watchers!) and this is far more concerning!

Over the years we’ve seen that people will nearly always opt for highly processed, carb-based foods for lunch without thinking twice, with sandwiches or wraps now the norm. However, there is an ever-increasing number of alternatives out there with a much healthier balance of carbs, fats and proteins!

We know it can get confusing so below we’ve listed a couple of our great options from three of London’s most prevalent lunch outlets:

Pret Crayfish and Avocado No Bread Salad (with dressing)
– Calories: 350
– Protein: 15
– Fat: 30
– Carbohydrate: 5 (of which sugars: 3)

Pret Tuna Nicoise Salad (with dressing)
– Calories: 406
– Protein: 26
– Fat: 30
– Carbohydrate: 6.5 (of which sugars: 5.5)

Leon Chargrilled Chicken Aioli Hot Box
– Calories: 648
– Protein: 37
– Fat: 29
– Carbohydrate: 57 (of which sugars: 5)

Leon Chargrilled Chicken Superfood Salad (with dressing)
– Calories: 417
– Protein: 35
– Fat: 23
– Carbohydrate: 15 (of which sugars: 6)

Itsu Tuna and Salmon Sushi Box
– Calories: 240
– Protein: 19
– Fat: 5.5
– Carbohydrate: 30.5 (of which sugars: 8)

Itsu Mixed Sashimi
– Calories: 386
– Protein: 49
– Fat: 14.5
– Carbohydrate: 17 (of which sugars: 12 – mostly in the sweet chili sauce, maybe ditch this)