Are HIIT workouts, like those at 1Rebel, all you need to sculpt your body?

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HIIT workouts have gained popularity in the last decade with the likes of 1Rebel, F45, Crossfit and The Body Coach successfully bringing this training protocol to the masses and hailing it as THE final answer to getting in shape. So, is the hype to be believed and is HIIT the one-stop solution to sculpting

The importance of periodised training programmes…

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We have a real passion for programming here at The Fitting Rooms and spend a lot of time putting together first-class, periodised training programmes and killer HIIT circuits to ensure you all get the results you deserve! Individuals benefit from all different rates of programme periodisation and change, but as an average it has been

Seated Good Mornings For Stronger Hamstrings & Lower Back

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Seated Good Mornings For Stronger Hamstrings & Lower Back Seated Good Morning Exercise If you're looking for a powerful exercise to strengthen your lower back, hamstrings and glutes, then the Seated Good Morning exercise is one to add to your training arseal. Seated good mornings isolate the hip extension movement and work your posterior