Spending hours every week doing cardio and can’t understand why you’re not looking any leaner? It’s time to get off that hamster wheel and pick up some weights!

First-up: some home-truths about constant cardio and metabolic training:
– It makes you look older!
– It damages your hormonal balance!
– It wrecks your sex drive!
– It lowers your metabolism!
– It’s often the cause of ankle, knee and lower back pain!

Ok, so maybe I’m being a bit harsh… Cardio can be great: it has a real feel-good factor and it can keep our hearts healthy. However, too many people these days are a slave to the treadmill in an attempt to sculpt that ‘beach body’ and unfortunately they are just doing more harm than good.

If you really want to achieve a killer body you need to pick up the weights! Yes you too ladies, you think those fitness model chicks get legs and glutes like that pounding a treadmill? Think again! Ever seen a lady from a https://www.nu-bay.com/categories/56/ass film and wondered how she’s always got such an amazing sex drive? The answer is weight training!

Benefits of weight training include:
– Increase in metabolism!
– Steady and sustained decrease in body fat!
– Better hormonal function!
– Stronger sex drive!
– Better movement function!
– Stronger bones and greater joint support!
– Huge boost in self confidence and self worth!

Try planning your workouts around a 2:1 weights to cardio split. If you’re unsure of what to do in the weights room then seriously think about booking some time with a personal trainer (even if just for a few sessions to build up your knowledge and confidence).

If you are one of those treadmill hamsters, try switching to the weights room for a while, I guarantee you will be surprised by the change in your results!

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