1. Pick days to train. Aim for at least 3 a week;

2. Pick times you will train;

3. Write them down! Add training days and times into your personal and work diaries;

4. If other commitments come up on training days, such as work meetings, re-arrange your training day and schedule it into your diary again;

5. Write, or buy, yourself a periodised training program and fill out progress each session! Having this task to perform commits the habit.

6. Piggy-back onto current habits or triggers. If your alarm goes off every morning use this as a trigger to take your supplements and drink your lime and pink salt. Your trigger is already there for you so after just a couple of mornings of the new routine it will become habit.

7. Create new triggers. If you’ve decided that your training days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, create a trigger that you only do on these days; for example at 16:30 on these days buy a banana for a natural pre-workout.

8. Tell people that you are going to the gym on the days you have decided to train. This again commits the habit and gives a sense of authority to it.

9. Persuade a gym buddy to train with you. If you both make a commitment you will feel responsible for helping each other stick to the days, you will also feel guilty if you let them down.

10. Employ a trainer. Book your sessions in for the same time and days each week and block out the times in your diary. The financial commitment and involved external party will help create a greater sense of duty to stick to your new habit.