As more people move away from eating meat, it’s important to understand how to still achieve adequate daily protein levels for optimum health.

The key to getting enough protein as a vegetarian, or vegan, is to know your options. Obviously these are reduced but it’s still more than possible; it just requires a little more thought and knowledge!

Proteins are divided into complete sources (usually animal) and incomplete (plant sources). The difference is that incomplete sources are missing some vital amino acids needed for our body, so eating the same incomplete protein all the time will lead to your body missing out. We therefore recommend ensuring you prioritise the complete proteins and eat additional incomplete proteins as well! It is also possible to use combinations of incomplete proteins to make up complete proteins in a meal.

Here are a few examples (protein per 100g):

Complete sources:
1. Tofu (33g)
2. Fat Free Greek Yogurt (8g)
3. Cottage Cheese (9g)
4. Eggs (6g per medium egg)

Incomplete sources:
1. Black Beans (9g)
2. Peas (6g)
3. Peanut Butter (6g per tbps)
4. Chick Peas (6g)

Combinations of incomplete that make a complete protein:
1. Rice & Beans
2. Hummus & Pitta Bread
3. Peanut butter on toast
4. Lentil Daal with Rice