The Hollow Hold exercise is a fundamental movement which works to improve core strength and mid-line stabilisation.

Often favoured and frequently used by gymnasts who need complete control of their core, the Hollow Hold has a vast array of benefits and will contribute to improving all round athleticism.

Boasting head-to-toe body tension and bracing in an isometric position, the Hollow Hold exercise can be easily regressed and progressed, providing a hell of a challenge for beginners to even the most seasoned athlete.

A beginners’ Hollow Hold:

  1. Lie on the floor in supine position (back on the floor);
  2. Contract your abs, tuck your pelvis under and ensure that your lower back is in close contact with the ground;
  3. Lift the head and chest slightly whilst extending the arms off the ground in line with the ribcage with fingertips pointed towards the toes;
  4. Bring the feet off the ground bending at the knees and keeping raised just forward of the hip;
  5. Hold for requisite length of time, we recommend starting with 30 seconds, keeping the core braced tightly and maintaining contact between the lower back and ground at all times.

Progressing the movement for maximal benefit: The goal of the hollow hold is to find the lowest and most extended position that you can extend the arms and legs without them touching the floor and without breaking contact between the ground and the lower back.

Hollow Hold exercise progression

The hollow hold exercise can be done anywhere, anytime and will help strengthen your core incredibly. Go get holding!