Menopause exercise & weight training

Why women will benefit from menopause training

Almost every women will go through the menopause at some point in their lives and whilst each experience will be different, it is often an anxious and uncomfortable time. This is perhaps exacerbated by the lack of information provided to women, leading to a lot of uncertainty.

Thankfully, discussions around the menopause are becoming more commonplace, meaning women can better prepare for this huge change in life.

And one increasingly hot topic is how menopause and exercise are linked, and particularly how weight training during the menopausal years has a huge range of benefits for women. These benefits include: helping to control and limit weight gain that can occur because of changes to hormones; stabilising core body temperature to reduce hot flushes, which in turn can also promote better sleep; reducing anxiety and improving both self-esteem and general mood.

Best exercise for menopause

Weight training is particularly beneficial as it helps to maintain bone density and muscle mass and increases joint stability, reducing the risk of osteoporosis, which women are more at risk of as oestrogen levels drop during the menopause.

At The Fitting Rooms we understand that the menopause and perimenopause can be a difficult time in a women’s life but having trained many women through these years, we have seen first-hand the positive impact training can have on the physical and emotional symptoms.

Menopause exercise plan

The workout shown below is typical of the type of menopause exercise plan we would programme for a woman during the menopausal years…

– It focuses on full body, compound movements like deadlifts and chest press to strengthen the bones, muscles and joints.

– Offset Lunges are a great way to challenge your balance and Facepulls strengthen the upper back to improve posture and reduce the risk of neck and back pain.

– Slam Balls are not only a great way to reduce stress, but will condition the joints, heart and core. Studies have shown that power movements like this are really beneficial in the peri and menopausal phases.

– Movements like Pelvic Tilts also strengthen the deep core muscles which can reduce the risk or lessen the improve symptoms of incontinence, whilst also making you stronger all round.

Menopause Training at The Fitting Rooms gym

If you’re interested in learning more about perimenopause diet and exercise and how weight training can benefit you before, during or after menopause, get in touch to book a Taster session with one of our women’s health experts.