How to eat a more eco-friendly diet…

We all need to do our bit when it comes to the climate crisis and improving our food choices is one small step we can take to make a difference. Here are 5 simple tips to eat more sustainably…

1. Eat more plants and greens:
Plant-based foods require significantly less water and diets high in them are associated with huge reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. There are now plenty of plant-based food options on the high-street and the internet is full of recipes to help mealtimes be interesting and tasty. Just be mindful to include foods high in protein if you are shifting away from animal products; with plenty of beans, seeds and nuts included.

2. Do not waste food:
In the UK alone, 9.5 million tonnes of food is thrown away each year. Try to plan your meals in advance for the week and store food properly to minimise what is thrown out. Apps like Olio and Too Good To Go are a great way to give away or cheaply purchase food going to waste.

3. Buy foods with certified standard:
Buying certified foods is a great way to know you’re supporting products that are ethically and sustainably sourced. Examples to look for in the UK are: Fairtrade, shows that products meet international fairtrade standards; RSPO, awarded to products using sustainably sourced palm oil; Red Tractor, British food and drink stamp to show items are responsibly sourced, safely produced and come from well cared for crops and animals.

4. Consume local and seasonal food:
Local and seasonal food has a significantly lower carbon footprint than food that has been flown in from abroad. Check online to find what fruit and veg are in season in the UK and try to source products from local markets, or check labels in supermarkets to find the country of origin.

5 Eat less processed food:
Whether it’s animal or plant based, any food that is processed tends to contain multiple chemicals and require huge amounts of energy for production, greatly increasing it’s carbon footprint. These foods also tend to use more packaging that ends up in landfill. Choosing natural, whole foods will help minimise this.