Muscle growth is all about protein, isn’t it?
Whilst it is true that without a sufficient amount of protein you will not grow the muscle you want; most individuals manage to meet this requirement, with a bit of work and guidance, and yet still fall short of the muscle growth they desire.
In our experience it’s actually a lack of carbohydrates which hinders peoples’ muscle growth more, often thanks to an inherent fear that carbs will make us fat or simply because too much focus is placed on protein intake.
The reality is that carbohydrates provide the body with vital energy to train and recover and are therefore crucial for us to grow. As a general rule of thumb, once you’ve worked out your base level of protein and fats, these can stay relatively stable it’s the carbs you then need to focus on; flexing up and down to ensure muscle growth occurs.
There’s no doubt that muscle growth is incredibly challenging and there are many factors to consider, but if you’re low on carbs it’s going to be very difficult to see the results you want, so don’t be afraid to carb it up, especially after a big weights session!