“I’ve been training at TFR for a couple of years and can honestly say that it’s changed my life. My relationship with the gym before joining was not a good one – I found it intimidating and never really knew what to do. After giving up team sports – something I’d done since I was little – I needed a new way to exercise around a busy work schedule, keep fit and not get any more injuries. Every trainer at TFR is invested in your success and that’s a huge difference to any commercial gym that you walk into. The small groups make personal training fun, and that’s the thing that keeps you coming back when you’re tired or busy. I lost 18kg in the year running up to my wedding without losing muscle and can’t thank the team at TFR enough. I felt amazing on the day and have kept the weight off with their help returning to a more normal schedule. They helped me change my lifestyle, my attitude to food and helped me see the gym as a positive place. I could not recommend them more!”