The Hex Press is a great chest exercise that is usually performed with two dumbbells squeezed together, but can also be done with one for a slightly easier regression.
The main benefit to the Hex Press is that the inward squeeze on the dumbbells activates the pectoral muscles and helps to take pressure off the shoulders.
Additionally, the neutral grip is more comfortable on the shoulders and the added stability challenge (more prevalent with the 2 dumbbell variation) strengthens the muscles responsible for stabilising the shoulders, transferring back to helping with our heavier pressing.
To perform the Hex Press, position yourself on the bench as you would for a standard press, squeeze the glutes and brace the core.
From here push inwards against the dumbbell hard, focusing on contracting the chest muscles and keep the inward tension consistent as you press up and down for the desired number of reps.
We’re big fans of traditional pressing movements (Bench Press, Dips, Dumbbell Press, etc.), however we recommend including the Hex Press in your programming from time to time for an effective chest variation!