Sustainable healthy eating… our tops tips to eating healthily and sticking with it!
It’s that time of year when many of us are looking to shed a little excess weight, tone up and feel fitter and healthier. To make this a long term solution, we need to find a way to eat better (probably also a little less) without it feeling like too much of a drastic lifestyle change!
Here are our top 4 tips to making sustainable improvements to your diet…
1) 3 Meals a Day. Plan for, and actually sit down for, 3 proper meals a day. This will make food far more enjoyable and reduce the temptation to snack if you know when your next meal is.
2) Portion Control. If you take a typical plate and cover half of it with vegetables then that’s a great start. Then have a fist-sized portion of protein and the same for carbs. If your plate is full and fairly stacked you can probably suggest it’s too much food!
3) Have dedicated snacks ready. Learn when you get hungry and have a sensible snack ready to avoid going to town on a pack of biscuits. Aim for two small snacks a day that total around 100kcal each.
4) Prioritise Protein. Protein is more satiating and keeps you feeling fuller longer so will naturally help control hunger and over-eating. Aim for a decent portion of protein (around 30g) with every meal.