The Single Leg Hip Thrust is an excellent posterior chain exercise that makes a valuable addition to home workouts since it works the glute muscles very effectively, even without additional weight.
To perform the Single Leg Hip Thrust:
  • Elevate your shoulders so that you can pivot around a point on your back just below your shoulder blades;
  • Cross your arms or stretch them out; just make sure you are not pushing from your elbows.
  • Set up with the heel of the glute that you are working directly under your knee. If the foot is too far forward you will feel it more in your hamstring and if it is too far back you will start to feel the movement in your quad;
  • Keep your chin down and drive through your heel actively squeezing your glute at the top of the movement.
We recommend completing 10 to 16 reps of the Single Leg Hip Thrust per leg.
Once you’ve built up strength, you can add further resistance by holding a kettlebell or dumbbell across the hip on the side that you are working.