I have been to a few gyms and I really recommend this place for its friendly atmosphere, facilities and its knowledgeable staff. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. You sign up for shared personal training sessions with three other people (sometimes less) and you are each shown by the trainer how to do a particular exercise. You get to know the other members and everyone actually says hello to each other, which came as a shock to me at first! A different feeling from other chain gyms. As it’s shared PT, you will always be able to access the facilities without having to queue up. They have everything to match whatever fitness goal you have from losing weight to building muscle. Above all else, the PTs are friendly and highly knowledgeable. I have been to the gym on and off in the past but I have received great tips for doing big movements like deadlifts safely. You feel like you are in safe hands and the PTs are very focused on technique and posture. The shared training sessions make it a more affordable way to tap into their knowledge and boosts your confidence when you are doing these exercises.