I have been attending the Shared PT sessions for just under a year.  I hadn’t ever really been to a gym consistently before  and was daunted by starting from the beginning but The Fitting Room team and the fellow gym goers have made it an absolute pleasure to attend.  Although the sessions are tough, I actively look forward to them. Some of the benefits I have found include: Noticeable and measurable change in muscle vs. fat mass; Better posture; The regular exercise really helped with changes in other areas of life from my diet and psychological/motivational approach to my domestic and business life; Feeling more positive and motivated in general. I have attempted to go to the gym in the past and failed but having the PT there to record your progress and see measurable improvements with either increased weights or reps as the sessions progress is addictive.  There is also a great social aspect too with the other attendees all being supportive and really welcoming and making the experience fun. With the recent Covid19 interruption I took advantage of The Fitting Rooms’ virtual sessions.  I was apprehensive at first on how effective they would be without being in a physical gym, but I have been amazed at how good these have been!  I have been in as much pain (in a positive way!) as I have by attending the gym in person by using a variety of body weight exercises, towels, water bottles and even tins of beans as equipment. Thanks guys for all the support so far and for helping me make such a positive change and improvement to my life!