I have been training with Yas for over a year now and I have come to really value her as a PT for many reasons… She is very positive in the way that she trains me, using encouragement, flexibility and patience to get results, without any BS! She has a real passion for her work and this is incredibly motivating. During our sessions Yas is totally focussed on my agenda making me feel like I am her only client and I love that she never texts, chats or gets distracted whilst training me. She obviously sees her role as being broader than just the hour session itself, giving encouragement afterwards or sending helpful articles to explain a point. Yas recognises my goals and celebrates with me when I achieve them so that it feels like a working partnership. The sessions themselves are physically very well balanced – I showed a year’s worth of training programs to a physiotherapist when I was injured and they couldn’t fault them, and in fact suggested I just carried on with the training sessions rather than prescribing any specific rehab exercises. Yas is totally dependable and has never missed or late cancelled a session, and is very responsive to text and email making it easy for me to manage my diary. The training programmess are always fun and varied and are clearly effective: in 14 months of training I have dropped around 10% body fat and seen my strength, power and endurance levels increase dramatically. The results speak for themselves!