I’ve only just started going to the Fitting Rooms (just over two months now) and I am already feeling much better, and looking much better. After putting on a lot of weight in lockdown I was struggling to find any motivation to go to the gym. I’d not done any exercise regularly for about five years (and now thanks to a lot of what they’ve taught me I realise even then a lot of what I was doing wasn’t right for me). The Foundation Shared PT sessions have completely transformed how I feel about going to the gym. For the first time ever, I look forward to it. I didn’t think I’d enjoy training with a couple of other people, but everyone here is incredibly friendly. All the trainers here are excellent. Because they keep track of what you’ve been doing, what you’ve been lifting and how you’ve done, they are incredibly good at making sure each person is doing what’s best for them, even in a group. I’ve learnt loads from each of them, and they all take the time to focus on technique as well as progress. I thought I’d do this as a kickstart, but to be honest I can’t imagine stopping.