“Get in better shape” has always been a new year’s resolution. I’d sign a 12-month contract with a corporate gym, lose interest by February, then be locked into a contract I wasn’t using.

The Fitting Rooms is different. After a month of sessions I started to look forward to going. Me… look forward to gym… that was a first. Then I started noticing results; another first, since I’d never stuck with anything long enough for that to happen.

The whole vibe and ethos is different to anything I’d ever experienced in the fitness world. The trainers are friendly and encouraging. The other clients are lovely, and there’s no sense of toxic competition – everyone wants to do well and they want you to do well as well.

And those results? I’m down 12kgs and I’ve lost 15cms around my waist. So whether I’m rating The Fitting Rooms on atmosphere or achieving goals, it’s two very enthusiastic thumbs up.